Pollença: a town full of “little things”

In “The little things” – that summer tv commercial by Estrella Damm – Laia Costa showed a bearish Jean Reno how to enjoy the little things in life: a boat outing with a pic-nic, a paella (and some beers) with friends… The brewery’s spot is an ode to the Mediterranean way of life that may be enjoyed all year around in Mallorca and woos visitors with those “little things”.

Enjoy the little things in life, in Pollença

Well then, what exactly are, the little things that will ensure you enjoy your next your next visit to Pollença even more?

Little things like an ice cream
An ice-cream while you’re walking a delicious “little thing”!
  • Enjoy a pic-nic: in the Llenaire area of Puerto Pollença you’ll find an area for pic-nicking located right by the beach and in the shade of the pines… The ideal place to enjoy a meal out in the open! If you don’t feel like cooking remember that many restaurants offer paella for take-away 😉

                                • Ride all over!: We’re not referring to a cycling getaway to Pollença, but are recommending a bike rental during your stay here so you can get around in the most convenient manner… You’ll instantly find that everything moves at quite a different pace!

Bycicles Mallorca Alcudia Sea Beach    

  • Revel in it all, like a child does: Holidays are the ideal time to leave your shame at home and really enjoy life! Make the most of all the opportunities you have to enjoy the little things…



  Live dance performance in Pollença, Mallorca (October 16, 2016)   Un vídeo publicado por Carl Setterlund (@carlsetterlund) el

  • Explore and try out everything you can: You can tie up bootlaces nice and tight and go on hiking trips around Pollença’s landscapes or can book one of the many boat outings offered in the bay.

Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià: Traditions in Pollença

Pollença is a municipality in the north of Mallorca located between the sea-line and the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana. It is this setting that gives the town its character: its well-preserved nature, its old town-centre, its mannerisms, accent and of course, its traditional festivities.

It is during those celebrations most deeply-rooted in Pollença, that one truly notices the special and unique nature of its people. In Summer, the town’s patron saint brings is celebrated through a display of devotion while in mid Balearic winter it is the festivities of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, on the 17th and 20th of January, respectively, are prime examples of tradition.


Sant Antoni & the “Pi de Ternelles” pine-tree

The 17th of January is the day Saint Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of animals, a festivity celebrated in many towns of Mallorca. The celebration begins on the night before with the foguerons: bonfires on which to grill llangonisses and botifarrons, and around which the villagers get together to sing glosses, traditional compositions sung to the rhythm of the ximbomba.

On the night of January 16th, a stroll through Pollença has a special ambiance and not just due to the smoke of the bonfires but also the children and grown-ups around the fire singing together, sharing a bottle of mesclat and inviting passers-by to join and watch.

Sant Antoni bonfire, used on the 16th of January for cooking dinner and keeping warm. Imagen de EnunClickClack
Sant Antoni bonfire, used on the 16th of January for cooking dinner and keeping warm. Imagen de EnunClickClack.


But the big day is January 17th. At 10 in the morning the day begins with the most religious and serene ceremony: les Beneïdes. Pets and cattle are taken to the church by the Plaza Mayor town square, the parish priest stands in the doorway and blesses all of the Pollençins walking past with their animals alongside. According to tradition, these will then be watched over by the patron saint of the animals.

Then begin the celebrations, with hundreds of Pollençins and interested outsiders making their way up to Ternelles, a land and manor property on the outskirts of the town, on their way to the heart of the festivity: a pine-tree around 20 metres tall. After the meal and in a shroud of fire crackers and xeremies bagpipe-music, begins the pine-tree’s slow journey back towards the town’s old Plaza Vella square, where it will be lathered up and climbed by a youth from the village.

While it is true that the pine-tree must be climbed by a local and foreigners are not advised to try this feat, throughout the festivity the villagers gladly welcome tourists to curiously come nearer and watch the fiesta del pino or festa del pi and invite them to some mesclat, a strong typical liqueur special for celebrations.

Sant Sebastià: els cavallets and l’estendard

If Sant Antoni is a festivity, Saint Sebastian is tradition. The procession that takes place on the 20th of January is a sober ceremony in which tribute is paid to the 3rd Century praetorian Roman saint, Saint Sebastian, and to the medieval horses who fought against the Turks.

The main characters are three youths from the town who have been previously chosen and who conscientiously prepare for the representation of one of the town’s oldest traditions. The two “cavallets” dance to the sound of the piccolo flute while the “estendard” waves a large flag in a characteristic rhythm and manner.

For the duration of a week, Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià interrupt Pollença’s day-to-day life, filling the town with celebration and tradition.

Highlight Snapshot via CulturaPollensa.com

Pollensa in Autumn: The Artisanal Trade Fair

Maybe it’s because this is the township that hosted our birth or perhaps because it’s full with stories to be told, or maybe it’s its lovely cobbled streets. For whatever reason: Pollença is our favourite village in Mallorca.

And we’re not alone, as thousands of tourists visit its beaches every summer, filling Puerto de Pollença, Cala Sant Vicenç and Formentor. What most of these holiday-goers don’t know is that they can also visit outside the months of July and August: there are endless things to do in Pollença in the Autumn.

The Trade Crafts Fair

On the fourth Sunday after Saint Luke – usually the second Sunday in November – the Feria de Artesanía de Pollença takes place: this year 2015, on the days 13th, 14th and 15th of November.

Throughout the fair you can visit animal shows and pettings, discover typical products and see the trade craft show-casing in the Claustro de Santo Domingo courtyard. Let yourself be swept away through the streets of Pollença, restlessly teeming with exhibitions on all sides and people strolling and shopping. The programme for the Pollença Artisanal Fair filled with activities for both the little ones of the house and for those fondly remembering the fairs from their childhood.

The Feria de Artesanía de Pollença is an ideal time to buy typical traditional goods from Mallorca such as siurells, weaved products or clay ceramics. You will also be able to buy the products that the crafts-people make, as well as those by artists and designers from Pollença.

There are amusements for the little ones too, at the Pollença Artisanal Fair Image by Radio Pollença.
There are amusements for the little ones too, at the Pollença Artisanal Fair
Image by Radio Pollença.


There is plenty more Autumn to enjoy in Pollença

If you can’t make it for the fair weekend don’t worry: it’s not the only thing to do here in the Fall. All year around but especially during the autumn migration from Europe to Africa, you can see birds and brush up on your ornithology. 

Autumn is also a time of year ideal for doing sport: free from the intense heat of the Summer or the cold of Winter, hundreds of cyclists and hill-walkers are on the roads, country paths and trails of Pollença, Mallorca and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

The landscapes, beaches, monuments and the historical buildings… everything keeps going in Pollença in the Autumn and takes on the season’s special charm: the warm reddish colours in the sky, the leaves decorating the ground… Come to Pollença in Autumn and enjoy the Artisanal Trade Crafts Fair!