Mallorca in Winter: weather and what to do

Friday the 22nd of December is the Winter solstice: the starting shot for the winter in Mallorca and the rest of the world. Although it may seem that the summer time’s most desirable island now has little to offer, the fact is Mallorca in winter is a real paradise too

This year 2017 has been unusual in Mallorca: after a dry and warm autumn, it snowed on the 1st of December, whereas normally snow doesn’t fall until January-February.

Mallorca in Winter: relax and enjoy the festes!

In the Autumn Mallorca becomes the perfect destination for lovers of sports and fresh air activities. Conversely, Mallorca in winter time is the perfect destination for travellers wishing to relax, disconnect and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Furthermore, the traditional winter festivities calendar in Mallorca is quite a hearty one: from Christmas to Carnival, with the fiestas of Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian in between.

During Mallorca’s Winter traditional fiestas take place in its different towns, as well as the island’s typical celebration of “matançes”.

The winter climate in Mallorca

Wintertime in Mallorca is the coldest season of all with an average temperatures of around 10ºC, while the lows rarely drop below 5ºC and a week of rain each month. A cold but quite pleasant winter, especially when compared with the rest of Europe…

In Winter you can enjoy up to 9 and a half hours of daily sunlight.

What to do in Mallorca in winter: snow in the Serra de Tramuntana and the ametlers

Besides enjoying the peace and quiet that comes over Mallorca in winter, you’ll also be able to enjoy two spectacular white sights: the first is the scenery Sierra de Tramuntana covered snow and the second is the blossoming almond meadows

At the end of January, the flowering almond trees provide one of Mallorca’s signature scenes.

Pollença: a town full of “little things”

In “The little things” – that summer tv commercial by Estrella Damm – Laia Costa showed a bearish Jean Reno how to enjoy the little things in life: a boat outing with a pic-nic, a paella (and some beers) with friends… The brewery’s spot is an ode to the Mediterranean way of life that may be enjoyed all year around in Mallorca and woos visitors with those “little things”.

Enjoy the little things in life, in Pollença

Well then, what exactly are, the little things that will ensure you enjoy your next your next visit to Pollença even more?

Little things like an ice cream
An ice-cream while you’re walking a delicious “little thing”!
  • Enjoy a pic-nic: in the Llenaire area of Puerto Pollença you’ll find an area for pic-nicking located right by the beach and in the shade of the pines… The ideal place to enjoy a meal out in the open! If you don’t feel like cooking remember that many restaurants offer paella for take-away 😉

                                • Ride all over!: We’re not referring to a cycling getaway to Pollença, but are recommending a bike rental during your stay here so you can get around in the most convenient manner… You’ll instantly find that everything moves at quite a different pace!

Bycicles Mallorca Alcudia Sea Beach    

  • Revel in it all, like a child does: Holidays are the ideal time to leave your shame at home and really enjoy life! Make the most of all the opportunities you have to enjoy the little things…



  Live dance performance in Pollença, Mallorca (October 16, 2016)   Un vídeo publicado por Carl Setterlund (@carlsetterlund) el

  • Explore and try out everything you can: You can tie up bootlaces nice and tight and go on hiking trips around Pollença’s landscapes or can book one of the many boat outings offered in the bay.

Five (more) things to do for free in Majorca

Going on holidays isn’t cheap; the flight, the stay, transport, unexpected expenses… And although a holiday is the time you least mind splashing out a little, here are 5 things you can do for free in Mallorca.

Because the best things in life are free


This plan takes almost no preparation and is very romantic. Find a setting far away from light pollution, or a look-out point in the Tramuntana mountain range or a secluded inlet. And while you don’t need to know much about astronomy to enjoy this, it may prove useful knowing that from the 17th to the 24th of August it’s possible to see the perseid meteor shower.

Enjoying the views

The Tramuntana mountain range and all of Mallorca are full of miradors from which to admire a wonderful view. ar de las vistas. Places where time seems to stand still and the beauty of which we would never get tired of. Furthermore, some of these are perfect for watching the sun set, rise or for stargazing.

A full day at the beach (for free!)

Yes, everyone knows that lying down on the sand is totally free. But we give you some advice to make your visit even more fun and just as inexpensive; bring your own parasol, play beach bat, do some snorkelling… But above all we recommend you bring your own pick-nick

(and water), in order to avoid paying the prohibitively expensive prices of front-line sea-side businesses.

Discover traditional fiestas

Free of charge and terrifically fun. Getting to know the local festivities is not just free but can be the most fun part of a holiday. Though it is true that not all traditional customs are of a festive nature, these are usually incredibly special and beautiful.

Get lost in unknown side-streets

Find and delve into those places on the island that you don’t know yet, without a map and without direction: simply enjoy the exploration, discovery, and…

The little things and the “Mediterranean way of life”

The summer’s new tv-ad has just been aired! Estrella Damm put forth its new advert “The little things” in an effort to promote the Mediterranean life-style (and its beer). This is the second year it has taken on this short-film format and also the second time that the chosen set for shooting has been the island of Mallorca.

“Those little things” with Jean Reno and Laia Costa directed by Alberto Rodríguez. Music by Ramon Mirabet “Those litlle things”.

Now that you’ve seen it… We’re going to explain you how to go about enjoying the Estrella Damm kind of holiday in Mallorca and enjoy the little things that make the island a place from the movies (or movie short in this case).

1. Eat up Mallorca

Jean Reno y Laia Costa spend most of their time in ad eating: ensaïmadas, potato omelettes, red prawns from Mallorca, a nice arròs de peix… The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world, so neither you nor the characters in the advert need worry about any extra calories.

The litlle things
It’s in the mediterranean DNA to share the food and eat it with your hands. Dont be shy, enjoy it!

2.Let yourself be advised

You don’t need tour guide like Laia Costa, you’ll likely be fine by having some short chats with some Mallorquins, you may even be all set with some of the advice in our blog, the important thing is that you let yourself be steered: Who could know Mallorca better than Mallorquins themselves? It is they who know where the most breath-taking beaches are to be found, the best restaurants, etc.

the little thing cala tuent
If you follow the advice of a Mallorcan citizen you will enjoy incredible beaches as Cala Tuent in Escorca.

3. Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca

Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca, by the Mallorquins, by the “Mediterranean way of life”… Enjoy a holiday in which you don’t stop doing those things you like best but also the things you have never tried before: diving tours, beach pick-nicks, never-ending coffee and dessert chat…

enjoy the little things
Life only surpise you when you say “yes” to live.

4. Enjoy the little things

What are the little things in life? These incredible views or the person with whom you are enjoying them? The little things are all those that make life great and since it couldn’t be another way, they can’t be bought, packaged or left for another time…

the little thins and beer
The little things are like a fresh beer after work: indescriptible.

5 thing you should do in Mallorca… For free!

Some of the best things in life are free. Everyone knows that, and in our cities and neighbourhoods we know how to find and enjoy these things, but that is not always the case when we go travelling: we always end up getting our wallet out and paying due to a lack of experience. Therefore, here are 5 things that you can do for free in Mallorca, all absolutely free:


1. See a sunset at the beach.

It does not matter where you spend your holiday in Mallorca, you simply need to find the closest beach that faces west and enjoy the views. You can choose between seeing the sunset sat quietly or enjoy a walk along the shore.


2. Have a stroll around the market.

Of course, it you want to buy something, it will not be free. However, enjoying a walk around the markets organised each week in all of Mallorca’s towns is a treat for the eyes that will not cost you anything.

Market in pollença for free
Market in Pollença every sunday: in this link you can find all the markets in Mallorca.

3. Go night swimming at the beach.

If you are scared about not seeing the sea bed do it on a night when there is a full moon, if not, any day is good for enjoying a dip at night. You just need to keep an eye out for your clothing and towel on the shore.


4. Cycle around everywhere.

Yes, to do this you need a bicycle. However, the petrol is completely “free”. Also, when you spend a while going around Mallorca on a bike you realise that the pace of life here is different.

Bycicles Mallorca Alcudia Sea Beach free
You don’t need to be a pro to a ride bike in Mallorca.

5. Go partying at a “verbena

Verbenas, or open-air dances are the preferred way to party for Mallorcans, they are concerts held on the eve of a saint’s day in each town and the young (and not so young) from neighbouring towns make the journey there in order to enjoy themselves. Unlike going out to bars and clubs, entry is free and the drinks prices are affordable for all.

You may not know any of the songs, but remember, you are there to have a good time.

The British love Spain and Mallorca

Everyone knows about the love story between the British and Spain. It is an open secret. The aim is not to hide it: love should not be hidden. One of the places where this love is felt the deepest is in Mallorca.

The British have enjoyed a love affair with the sunniest areas on the Spanish coast in general, and Mallorca in particular, ever since they first came here: year after year the number of visitors coming from the United Kingdom has continued to grow.


How to seal this love?

With love, it is fine to have a few years of courtship, but in the end the time comes to make it “official” and talk about marriage. The same thing happens with foreigners that visit Spain, after some years of spending summer in Spain, the time comes when they want to buy a second property on the Spanish coast.

And the British lead the way when it comes to making their love for Spain “official”: they represent 20% of the foreigners  that purchase a property in Spain. Some property agencies even point out that in 2015 sales to residents from the United Kingdom rose by 53%.

Although the Balearic Islands rank 4th among Autonomous Communities where the most houses are sold to foreigners, it is also true that they are smallest community of the top five.


Beyond love at first sight with the sun

You have to admit it, the love story between the British and Spain is a matter of love at first sight. It is that instant feeling every British person gets when they step off the plane and the warm air, sun and high temperatures come into contact with their skin that they yearn to tan.

However, love at first sight is not enough, there must be something more that helps to explain this love story. The delicious gastronomy, cheerful character of the locals, rich history and an endless number of other factors have led British people to fall deeply in love with the Spanish coast.

And Mallorca far exceeds the requirements needed to capture the hearts of the British. So, if you are a British person reading this, hesitate no more and come to Mallorca to show your love for Spain by purchasing a house.

Saint Valentine’s in Mallorca

The 14th of February is quickly approaching and we’d like to help you ensure a success on one of those few days of the year you mustn’t forget about: Saint Valentine. If you wish to definitively conquer that special person you just met, or if what you wish to do is enliven the flame of passion with your three-decade-long partner: it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to succeed in making such a day as romantic and love-radiant as possible in every way.

And if you’d like your plan to really work, what you should do is celebrate Saint Valentine’s in Mallorca.

In February the blossoming almond trees lend a romantic air to the Mallorcan country-side.
In February the blossoming almond trees lend a romantic air to the Mallorcan country-side.

¿Why Mallorca?

Mallorca is a tourist destination with a plethora of perfect places for celebrating your love, secluded spots to enjoy romantic moments as a couple. Many cities, such as Paris and Venice have been sold as the sole destinations for lovers world-wide. But nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s more romantic? Taking a selfie while kissing (alongside 22 other couples and a class trip) with the Eiffel tower in the background; or enjoying a marvellous sunset while you walk on a deserted beach?

It’s true that as the high season draws nearer, romanticism in Mallorca becomes somewhat thinner. But it is in the Spring and Autumn months that the island undergoes a transformation and each of its corners becomes filled with magic and little fairy tales. Mallorca is full of delightful and spell-binding places in which to enjoy those romantic moments with your partner: Es Trenc beach, the town of Valldemossa, the lookout of Es Colomer and the Formentor peninsula, as well as an extensive etc. range.

7 plans for enjoying Saint Valentine in Mallorca

Looking for the best landscapes and scenery in Mallorca to enjoy a glass of champagne together is a magnificent plan but if you’re looking to go beyond that we’d like to suggest a couple more ideas. You can go for just one of them or bring them together to enjoy an unforgettable Saint Valentine’s day.

  1. A side-street tour of Palma:you can enjoy a lovely hand-held stroll through the streets of the island’s capital. Firstly, the shops around the centre and then have a drink in the Santa Catalina quarter, or listen to live music in a cosy café or pub, or…
  2. A romantic dinner in a restaurant with a view:find the perfect restaurant, and booking a table far enough in advance. The rest comes in the form of pleasant conversation and knowing looks.
  3. Toasting with a Mallorcan wine:Mallorcan wineries are now in fashion and the majority of them offer a chance to visit them and learn about their methods, besides revelling in the unforgettable experience of its grounds.
  4. Hill-walking trails as a couple:The Serra de Tramuntana offers you the possibility of enjoying its network of paths and getting lost within its spectacular natural landscapes. You can also stay the night in one of its mountain shelters!
  5. Sunset on the beach:Strolling bare-foot along the shore, a prepared pick-nick, a bottle of cold champagne, and the sun setting on the horizon. Ask any Mallorquin, it works.
  6. A little romantic hotel:Mallorca has an immense and highly varied hotel range. From the smallest rural hotels, to the five-star hotels, and through the great family holiday complexes. You have much to choose from.
  7. An unforgettable night:you can rent one of the dream homes that JS Properties has in store for you and enjoy Saint Valentine’s night, for a couple of days or a full week, just for the two of you and the enjoyment of your love for each other.

And remember Saint Valentine is a day for celebrating your love, but not the only one. Surprise your partner by remembering your affection with little gestures of romance: a couriered bouquet of flowers to the office, spa sessions for no apparent reason, spontaneous passionate kisses…

Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià: Traditions in Pollença

Pollença is a municipality in the north of Mallorca located between the sea-line and the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana. It is this setting that gives the town its character: its well-preserved nature, its old town-centre, its mannerisms, accent and of course, its traditional festivities.

It is during those celebrations most deeply-rooted in Pollença, that one truly notices the special and unique nature of its people. In Summer, the town’s patron saint brings is celebrated through a display of devotion while in mid Balearic winter it is the festivities of Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià, on the 17th and 20th of January, respectively, are prime examples of tradition.


Sant Antoni & the “Pi de Ternelles” pine-tree

The 17th of January is the day Saint Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of animals, a festivity celebrated in many towns of Mallorca. The celebration begins on the night before with the foguerons: bonfires on which to grill llangonisses and botifarrons, and around which the villagers get together to sing glosses, traditional compositions sung to the rhythm of the ximbomba.

On the night of January 16th, a stroll through Pollença has a special ambiance and not just due to the smoke of the bonfires but also the children and grown-ups around the fire singing together, sharing a bottle of mesclat and inviting passers-by to join and watch.

Sant Antoni bonfire, used on the 16th of January for cooking dinner and keeping warm. Imagen de EnunClickClack
Sant Antoni bonfire, used on the 16th of January for cooking dinner and keeping warm. Imagen de EnunClickClack.


But the big day is January 17th. At 10 in the morning the day begins with the most religious and serene ceremony: les Beneïdes. Pets and cattle are taken to the church by the Plaza Mayor town square, the parish priest stands in the doorway and blesses all of the Pollençins walking past with their animals alongside. According to tradition, these will then be watched over by the patron saint of the animals.

Then begin the celebrations, with hundreds of Pollençins and interested outsiders making their way up to Ternelles, a land and manor property on the outskirts of the town, on their way to the heart of the festivity: a pine-tree around 20 metres tall. After the meal and in a shroud of fire crackers and xeremies bagpipe-music, begins the pine-tree’s slow journey back towards the town’s old Plaza Vella square, where it will be lathered up and climbed by a youth from the village.

While it is true that the pine-tree must be climbed by a local and foreigners are not advised to try this feat, throughout the festivity the villagers gladly welcome tourists to curiously come nearer and watch the fiesta del pino or festa del pi and invite them to some mesclat, a strong typical liqueur special for celebrations.

Sant Sebastià: els cavallets and l’estendard

If Sant Antoni is a festivity, Saint Sebastian is tradition. The procession that takes place on the 20th of January is a sober ceremony in which tribute is paid to the 3rd Century praetorian Roman saint, Saint Sebastian, and to the medieval horses who fought against the Turks.

The main characters are three youths from the town who have been previously chosen and who conscientiously prepare for the representation of one of the town’s oldest traditions. The two “cavallets” dance to the sound of the piccolo flute while the “estendard” waves a large flag in a characteristic rhythm and manner.

For the duration of a week, Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià interrupt Pollença’s day-to-day life, filling the town with celebration and tradition.

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Pollensa in Autumn: The Artisanal Trade Fair

Maybe it’s because this is the township that hosted our birth or perhaps because it’s full with stories to be told, or maybe it’s its lovely cobbled streets. For whatever reason: Pollença is our favourite village in Mallorca.

And we’re not alone, as thousands of tourists visit its beaches every summer, filling Puerto de Pollença, Cala Sant Vicenç and Formentor. What most of these holiday-goers don’t know is that they can also visit outside the months of July and August: there are endless things to do in Pollença in the Autumn.

The Trade Crafts Fair

On the fourth Sunday after Saint Luke – usually the second Sunday in November – the Feria de Artesanía de Pollença takes place: this year 2015, on the days 13th, 14th and 15th of November.

Throughout the fair you can visit animal shows and pettings, discover typical products and see the trade craft show-casing in the Claustro de Santo Domingo courtyard. Let yourself be swept away through the streets of Pollença, restlessly teeming with exhibitions on all sides and people strolling and shopping. The programme for the Pollença Artisanal Fair filled with activities for both the little ones of the house and for those fondly remembering the fairs from their childhood.

The Feria de Artesanía de Pollença is an ideal time to buy typical traditional goods from Mallorca such as siurells, weaved products or clay ceramics. You will also be able to buy the products that the crafts-people make, as well as those by artists and designers from Pollença.

There are amusements for the little ones too, at the Pollença Artisanal Fair Image by Radio Pollença.
There are amusements for the little ones too, at the Pollença Artisanal Fair
Image by Radio Pollença.


There is plenty more Autumn to enjoy in Pollença

If you can’t make it for the fair weekend don’t worry: it’s not the only thing to do here in the Fall. All year around but especially during the autumn migration from Europe to Africa, you can see birds and brush up on your ornithology. 

Autumn is also a time of year ideal for doing sport: free from the intense heat of the Summer or the cold of Winter, hundreds of cyclists and hill-walkers are on the roads, country paths and trails of Pollença, Mallorca and the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

The landscapes, beaches, monuments and the historical buildings… everything keeps going in Pollença in the Autumn and takes on the season’s special charm: the warm reddish colours in the sky, the leaves decorating the ground… Come to Pollença in Autumn and enjoy the Artisanal Trade Crafts Fair!

5 reasons (extra) to buy a house in Mallorca

Not yet persuaded by the previous 5 reasons to buy a house in Mallorca? Well here you have another 5 to help tip the balance in favour of the greatest of the Balearics.

Traditional Cuisine

One need really say no more than pure 100% Mediterranean diet. Flavour-filled and healthy food you will love, and besides the uniquely Mallorquin dishes, such as arròs bruttrampó and frit, you’ll also be able to enjoy Spanish gastronomy: paella, tapas, jamón…

Furthermore, there are plenty of regional products such as olive oil, wine, cheese…

Ensaimada is a typical Mallorcan dessert.
Ensaimada is a typical Mallorcan dessert.


No matter how healthy the food is, if you enjoy laying into it then it will be advisable to do some exercise for the greatest enjoyment of the island’s beaches. Well no worries in this regard, as Mallorca is truly a sports paradise. In the summer you can enjoy water-sports such as sailing and canoeing, as well as diving and fishing. Throughout the rest of the year you can also do some cycling and hill-walking.

If you also enjoy some more intense sensations, you should know that Mallorca is one of the best places in the world to do psycho block (rock-climbing over the sea), in Autumn you can enjoy the local sport of torrenting (abseiling in the mountain stream-gorges and river beds) and in the Summer you can take advantage of the wind and do some windsurfing and kite-surfing.

Tradition and craftsmanship

The rich history of Mallorca means its traditional has countless influences: the Moros y Cristianos festivities in Sóller and Pollença, catholic celebrations such as Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla and Manacor, fiestas relating to rural life such as Es Vermar in Binissalem…

But the traditions of Mallorca are not just to be seen in its events and festivities. Its traditional dance and music (such as the ball de pagès and its artisanal crafts, siurells and wicker goods) attest to the tradition that Mallorquins have kept alive down through the centuries.

Fiestas and much more

Along with the beaches and sunshine, partying is definitely among the most appealing aspects of a holiday. Every year, areas such as Magaluf and S’Arenal welcome hundreds of thousands of young and not-so-young people looking forward to having a great time. The fact that they keep coming back, really says something.

Nevertheless, Mallorca is not just for party monsters: there are many areas and regions where one breathes true peace and quiet. There are spas and seaside resorts to allow you to relax and many little villages that will allow you to disconnect from the stress while you enjoy a stroll through their stone-paved streets.

There enough Mallorca to suit everyone

This is the reason you should come to live here: variety. The island is small and everything is near-by, yet the endless range of leisure, culture, tradition, gastronomy, etc will mean you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with it… that part of the island that was made just for you.