The little things and the “Mediterranean way of life”

The summer’s new tv-ad has just been aired! Estrella Damm put forth its new advert “The little things” in an effort to promote the Mediterranean life-style (and its beer). This is the second year it has taken on this short-film format and also the second time that the chosen set for shooting has been the island of Mallorca.

“Those little things” with Jean Reno and Laia Costa directed by Alberto Rodríguez. Music by Ramon Mirabet “Those litlle things”.

Now that you’ve seen it… We’re going to explain you how to go about enjoying the Estrella Damm kind of holiday in Mallorca and enjoy the little things that make the island a place from the movies (or movie short in this case).

1. Eat up Mallorca

Jean Reno y Laia Costa spend most of their time in ad eating: ensaïmadas, potato omelettes, red prawns from Mallorca, a nice arròs de peix… The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world, so neither you nor the characters in the advert need worry about any extra calories.

The litlle things
It’s in the mediterranean DNA to share the food and eat it with your hands. Dont be shy, enjoy it!

2.Let yourself be advised

You don’t need tour guide like Laia Costa, you’ll likely be fine by having some short chats with some Mallorquins, you may even be all set with some of the advice in our blog, the important thing is that you let yourself be steered: Who could know Mallorca better than Mallorquins themselves? It is they who know where the most breath-taking beaches are to be found, the best restaurants, etc.

the little thing cala tuent
If you follow the advice of a Mallorcan citizen you will enjoy incredible beaches as Cala Tuent in Escorca.

3. Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca

Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca, by the Mallorquins, by the “Mediterranean way of life”… Enjoy a holiday in which you don’t stop doing those things you like best but also the things you have never tried before: diving tours, beach pick-nicks, never-ending coffee and dessert chat…

enjoy the little things
Life only surpise you when you say “yes” to live.

4. Enjoy the little things

What are the little things in life? These incredible views or the person with whom you are enjoying them? The little things are all those that make life great and since it couldn’t be another way, they can’t be bought, packaged or left for another time…

the little thins and beer
The little things are like a fresh beer after work: indescriptible.

5 reasons (extra) to buy a house in Mallorca

Not yet persuaded by the previous 5 reasons to buy a house in Mallorca? Well here you have another 5 to help tip the balance in favour of the greatest of the Balearics.

Traditional Cuisine

One need really say no more than pure 100% Mediterranean diet. Flavour-filled and healthy food you will love, and besides the uniquely Mallorquin dishes, such as arròs bruttrampó and frit, you’ll also be able to enjoy Spanish gastronomy: paella, tapas, jamón…

Furthermore, there are plenty of regional products such as olive oil, wine, cheese…

Ensaimada is a typical Mallorcan dessert.
Ensaimada is a typical Mallorcan dessert.


No matter how healthy the food is, if you enjoy laying into it then it will be advisable to do some exercise for the greatest enjoyment of the island’s beaches. Well no worries in this regard, as Mallorca is truly a sports paradise. In the summer you can enjoy water-sports such as sailing and canoeing, as well as diving and fishing. Throughout the rest of the year you can also do some cycling and hill-walking.

If you also enjoy some more intense sensations, you should know that Mallorca is one of the best places in the world to do psycho block (rock-climbing over the sea), in Autumn you can enjoy the local sport of torrenting (abseiling in the mountain stream-gorges and river beds) and in the Summer you can take advantage of the wind and do some windsurfing and kite-surfing.

Tradition and craftsmanship

The rich history of Mallorca means its traditional has countless influences: the Moros y Cristianos festivities in Sóller and Pollença, catholic celebrations such as Sant Antoni in Sa Pobla and Manacor, fiestas relating to rural life such as Es Vermar in Binissalem…

But the traditions of Mallorca are not just to be seen in its events and festivities. Its traditional dance and music (such as the ball de pagès and its artisanal crafts, siurells and wicker goods) attest to the tradition that Mallorquins have kept alive down through the centuries.

Fiestas and much more

Along with the beaches and sunshine, partying is definitely among the most appealing aspects of a holiday. Every year, areas such as Magaluf and S’Arenal welcome hundreds of thousands of young and not-so-young people looking forward to having a great time. The fact that they keep coming back, really says something.

Nevertheless, Mallorca is not just for party monsters: there are many areas and regions where one breathes true peace and quiet. There are spas and seaside resorts to allow you to relax and many little villages that will allow you to disconnect from the stress while you enjoy a stroll through their stone-paved streets.

There enough Mallorca to suit everyone

This is the reason you should come to live here: variety. The island is small and everything is near-by, yet the endless range of leisure, culture, tradition, gastronomy, etc will mean you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with it… that part of the island that was made just for you.