The little things and the “Mediterranean way of life”

The summer’s new tv-ad has just been aired! Estrella Damm put forth its new advert “The little things” in an effort to promote the Mediterranean life-style (and its beer). This is the second year it has taken on this short-film format and also the second time that the chosen set for shooting has been the island of Mallorca.

“Those little things” with Jean Reno and Laia Costa directed by Alberto Rodríguez. Music by Ramon Mirabet “Those litlle things”.

Now that you’ve seen it… We’re going to explain you how to go about enjoying the Estrella Damm kind of holiday in Mallorca and enjoy the little things that make the island a place from the movies (or movie short in this case).

1. Eat up Mallorca

Jean Reno y Laia Costa spend most of their time in ad eating: ensaïmadas, potato omelettes, red prawns from Mallorca, a nice arròs de peix… The Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world, so neither you nor the characters in the advert need worry about any extra calories.

The litlle things
It’s in the mediterranean DNA to share the food and eat it with your hands. Dont be shy, enjoy it!

2.Let yourself be advised

You don’t need tour guide like Laia Costa, you’ll likely be fine by having some short chats with some Mallorquins, you may even be all set with some of the advice in our blog, the important thing is that you let yourself be steered: Who could know Mallorca better than Mallorquins themselves? It is they who know where the most breath-taking beaches are to be found, the best restaurants, etc.

the little thing cala tuent
If you follow the advice of a Mallorcan citizen you will enjoy incredible beaches as Cala Tuent in Escorca.

3. Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca

Let yourself be swept up by Mallorca, by the Mallorquins, by the “Mediterranean way of life”… Enjoy a holiday in which you don’t stop doing those things you like best but also the things you have never tried before: diving tours, beach pick-nicks, never-ending coffee and dessert chat…

enjoy the little things
Life only surpise you when you say “yes” to live.

4. Enjoy the little things

What are the little things in life? These incredible views or the person with whom you are enjoying them? The little things are all those that make life great and since it couldn’t be another way, they can’t be bought, packaged or left for another time…

the little thins and beer
The little things are like a fresh beer after work: indescriptible.

After Christmas: What now?

So the Christmas holidays are over. We have gotten through family dinners, office parties and nights out, secret Santas… and all kinds of other traditional celebrations. If you didn’t choke on the new year’s eve grapes and managed to survive it all this year, you’ll be asking yourself: so what now? Is it really possible to return to normality after Christmas?

What do I do with the extra kilos? How to I make right what I said at the office dinner party? Where can I hide that present from my secret Santa?And it’s not just you asking yourself these questions, your house also needs to get back to normal after the potential stampede and avalanche that we like to call Christmas.

Here you have some pieces of advice towards ensuring your house will get back to being what it was beforehand:


A thorough clean, again

Yes, you need to clean again. You probably cleaned after every dinner, lunch or party you threw at home, but that doesn’t matter, an immediate clean-up is only done so that the next day you don’t wake up to a hellish ordeal. The time has come for a deep and exhaustive cleaning-out: the kitchen, behind and underneath the furniture and fittings, etc.

There is no way around, if you don’t do it, the festivities will follow you like a ghost: the new year’s confetti is like an infectious disease, it needs to be killed from the root, or it’ll keep reappearing with every round of sweeping.


And where to put all this stuff?

You’ll ask yourself more than once while you’re cleaning. Especially with the Christmas decorations. You will probably have a chest, case or corner closet to put the Christmas tree, lights and crib. However, if you bought new decorations it will probably not all fit. Take this opportunity to make a selection: the ones worth keeping and the rest.

You could opt to keep all of it and get around to making a selection later on, but you had better get it out of the way now that you’re in hands-on mode, or you will most likely end up suffering all year round from the lack of space that comes from having a bag full of lights that might not even work properly, old-fashioned wreaths and centrepieces and crib figures of different sizes.


Toys and more toys

For the children Christmas is synonymous with presents, and what better present is there than a toy? Many toys. Once Santa Claus and the Three Kings have come through your home, it will look like a troop of toys have invaded the house. This is the time to organise them, chests, drawers, or even in boxes under the bed. The important thing is that it all be tidy.

Remember that you’re also going to have to get rid of the wrapping and gift packaging. It is advisable to keep the instruction manuals and warranties of those toys you may need later on. You should also make sure that none of the toys needs to be returned before you throw away its packaging, as you will need it in good condition for a refund or replacement.

The important thing is for your child to understand that their toys must be tidy. Image by szafapoli
The important thing is for your child to understand that their toys must be tidy.
Image by szafapoli

Long live Secret Santa

A Chinese cat that waves its paw, a fluorescent Buddha or any other silly little tacky gift: that is what secret Santa means. And of course, you then don’t know what to do with the present…

You can choose between putting it in a bin bag and forget about it, put it in the memories chest with last year’s secret Santa present or try to put it in a corner of the shelf where it doesn’t catch one’s eye too much but in sight enough for your friend to spot it when they come over.


After Christmas, “Take it easy”

Above all, don’t get too worked up with the return to normalcy after the seasonal holiday. In the end of the day, Christmas is just once a year and the next one is a long way away. Yes, you have a lot to do before your house gets back to being the home it was before the festivities, but not at the expense of your good mood.

Try to make “operation new year’s cleaning” into a game in which all of the home’s members take part: music, competitive goals to see who finishes them first and laughs, these are the secrets to succeeding in getting your home back to its every-day life after Christmas.