12 brief reasons to buy a house in Mallorca:

Do you want to buy a house in Mallorca but aren’t quite sure? Don’t know if it’ll be the right choice? Here we give you 12 brief reasons for which buying a house in Mallorca is the best decision you can take.

Here you can find 12 brief reasons to buy a house in Mallorca:

1. Paradisiacal Beaches
Es Trenc, Formentor, Cala Mesquida… Mallorca is full of dream beaches on which to enjoy a refreshing splash or pleasant evening walk.

2. Outdoor sports
Mallorca is perfect for preacticing a wide range of activities out in the open, thanks to its year-around sunny climate: hill-walking, golf, running, rock climbing, beach volley, tennis…

3. Cycling
Cycling in Mallorca deserves its own separate mention. The island is a destination that welcomes thousands of amateurs and professionals who come to train on its roads, which are teeming with first-rate mountain passes and plains.

4. Climate
Sun and hot temperatures. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for enjoying activities out in the fresh air, and not just in the summer but all year around.

5. Nature
The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, hundreds of unspoilt inlets and crystal-clear waters, dream-like seabeds… Mallorca is famous around the world for its natural beauty and landscapes.

6. The sunsets
If Mallorca’s beaches and cala inlets are dream-like, imagine what spending the evening there must be like. Besides, they can also be enjoyed from miradors within the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

7. Sea and shore
Mallorca’s waters are ideal for sailing but also for enjoying water sports as scuba, windsurf, snorkel, kytesurf…

8. Palma
The island’s capital is among Mallorca’s great attractions, constituting a perfect union of modernity and history. La Seu, the Bellver Castle… Palma is full of things to do and see.

9. Its towns and villages
Valldemossa, Sóller, Pollença, Sineu… The towns of Mallorca will put a spell on you: their streets radiate authenticity and every corner offers details worth taking a picture.


10. History
Talaiótic, Roman, Muslim… A great deal of cultures have left their mark on the island and we can now appreciate these through incredible settlements.

11. Cuisine
Mallorcan gastronomy is a blend of traditional Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean dishes and typical recipes from the island and the Balearics… ¡Delicious!

12. Tradition
With the arrival of modern tourism, Mallorcan society experienced accelerated development while its people strived to preserve the traditions that give the island its unique character.


If you are not convinced yet to buy a house in Mallorca, here you can read this article with more reasons to buy a house in Mallorca.

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Mallorcan look: your outfit in the island

The endless amount of things we still have to learn from our grandparents! The recipe for perfect croquettes, how to choose a good watermelon, the secret to a happy marriage… There are many lessons to be learned from our elder and one of them is how we should dress to avoid suffocating in Mallorca’s summer heat: the traditional clothing and accessories of the Mediterranean are perfectly suited to the climate and lifestyle. Besides also being a style that never goes out of fashion and that comes back every summer!

5 pieces of clothing for dressing like a true Mallorcan:

  • Capell: You can opt for the traditional one from Mallorca or for hats from other places in the world, such as habanero hats, or even baseball caps but the important part is that you protect your head from the solar radiation.

Kit de supervivencia mediterránea para hombres 😃 Mediterranean survival kit for men 😃

Una publicación compartida de Ses 3 Maries (@_ses3maries_) el

                    • Baggy cotton shirt: Let yourself be inspired by Ibiza’s Aldib fashion or by the traditional Mallorcan style roba de llengos, and above all try to always wear wide, airy cotton clothing that breathes well and thereby protects you from the hot temperatures.



      • Aubarques or sabates de espart: Although the aubarques shoe is from Menorca, a real Mallorquín person will wear them as if they were from his own island, since, just like the sabates d’espart they’re cool, protect your foot in summer and are very comfortable.



  • Swimsuit/bikini always near and handy: If one thing is really essential when you’re in Mallorca, it’s to always have your bathing suit available to you can enjoy a splash or a dive into mallorcan waters whenever you feel like one.
  • Senalla: It’s the perfect accessory for carrying everything you need! They come in larger and in smaller sizes, with a zipper or without, with long or short handles… And the best of all is, they’re perfect for both men and women.

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If you heed this advice when getting dressed, you’ll not only be cooler and deal with the heat better in the Mallorcan summertime, but you’ll also be wearing a 100% Mediterranean and authentic Mallorcan style that will allow you to practically camouflage with the locals.

Going to Mallorca for holidays explained with Gif

Travelling is an emotional roller coaster: from the previous anxiety till the post vacation depression, and obviously the glory during the holidays, your mood changes constantly. And travelling to Mallorca is not an exception!

Here we explain you all the differents mind state a tourist experiments while being in Mallorca… with gifs!

The 21 mood state every tourist feels in Mallorca:

1.Counting the seconds till you’re on holidays


Every second is an eternity. You’re still at you job and cannot wait anymore… You want to be in Mallorca right now!

2.When you can finally go to the airport!


Your holiday has just started! Now you just need to prepare your luggage…

3. Packing the suitcase


“What do I need in Paradise?” ask yourself. And the you looks like Mary Poppins…

4.Driving to the airport


You are happy: you’ll enjoy one week in Mallorca!

5.When you arrive at Palma airport:


You feel like God.

6.When you arrive at your JS Properties holiday rental villa…


The best decision you ever had…

7.Planning your 1st day of holidays


You’re very exited. You want to do everything: go to the beach, hiking…

8.When you arrive for the first time into a Mallorcan beach


You were waiting for this…

9.Flirting on the beach…


Is better for you to turn on your holidays and enjoy what you have…


10.After your first day on the beach…


You’re completly burned… You must use sun cream and others tricks to “survive” Pollença’s weather. Now when someone touch your skin…


11.When you eat spanish food for the first time…



11.When you realize how cheap it’s!


Food, hanging out… Some things are very cheap in Mallorca. Take advantage of it!

·Find the best restaurants in Puerto Pollensa.

12.Going into an unspoilt cove!


There’s no words. This is THE beach!

·Find the best coves and the non-touristic beaches in Mallorca northern area.

13.When you make new friends while in Mallorca


You’re going to be best friends after this days…

14.Going to the beach with your new friends


You have a lot of fun!

·Discover the best plans to enjoy in Puerto Pollensa while your summer holidays!

15. When your new friends says that’s his last day in Mallorca.


Now you realize your holidays are close to the end, too.


16. Going into the souvenir shop…


That happens to everyone! And then at the airport…


17.When you realize it’s your last day of holidays in Mallorca…


And then you decide to do everything you haven’t done till this moment…


18.During your last day of holidays…


Even the bravest men can’t stop crying…


19.At work with a post-vaction depression…


You know it’s not true…

20.When a workmate says Mallorca is not as much…

mallorca batman

Yes. He/she is a completly asshole.

21. When you realize you can come back to Mallorca!!!

A gif is not enhought to explain what you are feeling right now…


… it’s orgasmic…


…you loose the control…


…Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!…


… You can celebrate it by yourself!


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Plans in Puerto Pollensa you cannot miss! (II)

Don’t know what to do in Pollença to get even more fun and enjoyment out of your holidays? Here we recommend 5 plans in Puerto Pollensa to enjoy your holidays:

5 plans in Puerto Pollensa you cannot miss during your holidays:

1. Visit Pollensa old town:

Located just 7km from the Port of Pollença lies the town of Pollensa: an ideal place to stop off and see. Its old town centre is a historical quarter filled with cobbled side-streets, monuments, landmarks and famous buildings and places in which to let yourself be soothed by the relaxing atmosphere.


2. Enjoy a sunset with seaviews!

Although from the beach of Puerto de Pollensa you can’t see the sun setting on the horizon (hidden by the mountains), one can enjoy the different colours taken on by the sunlight over the bay of Pollensa.

The best way to enjoy these views is from a restaurant terrace, we recommend you try Casa Vila Di Mare.


3. Discover an unspoild cave!

The Puerto de Pollensa beach is perfect for enjoying your holidays: it has chiringuito beach bars, sunbeds and kids’ playgrounds. But sometimes it’s best to enjoy the peace and quiet of a virgin cala inlet…

Get your rucksack ready with a picnic, drink, sun cream and a towel, and head towards any of the unspoilt beaches awaiting in the area around the Port of Pollença.

calo priceless beach in pollença
An excursion to “U Caló” is one of the bes plans in Puerto Pollensa you can enjoy during your holidays!

4. Enjoy festivities!

If anything can make your holidays in Port de Pollença even better it would have to be visiting during its patron-saint summer festivities of Sant Pere and the Mare de Déu del Carme, as well as Pollença’s own festivities, La Patrona.


5. Discover the whole island!

When you find yourself without much of a plan (we suggest a few, but there are many more plans in Puerto Pollensa) you might also visit nearby towns and villages such as Alcudia, Muro or Lluc. Or visit the best places on the island.


Do you have any other plans in puerto pollensa you would like to recommend to its visitors? Explain it to us at JS properties facebook page!

Tricks to “resist” climate in Pollensa

In the summer time, the climate in Pollensa is warm, sunny, dry and with little variation between day and night-time temperatures. The average temperature in summer is 20.6ºC but the highest reach 30 degrees, and occasionally these are exceeded during those fearsome heat waves. While the minimums don’t drop below 14ºC.

With 279 sunny days per year and 14 hours of sun each day in the summer, our climate in Pollensa is especially sunny: allowing us to appreciate the long days and do some tanning on the beach.

Tricks to “resist” climate in Pollença

Here we bring you 5 easy tricks to resist the warm, sunny and dry climate in Pollensa:

Climate in Pollensa Mallorca tricks warm
Maybe one of the best tricks to “resist” climate in Pollensa is to dive into Puerto Pollensa shore

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration:

Just as the mantra in real estate is “location, location, location” during the summer in Mallorca, it’s all about hydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water, especially important for children and the elderly.

2. Use sun cream

One of the worst feelings in the world is having sunburn all over your body. You can ask a dermatologist or pharmacist to recommend the protection factor that is best for your own skin type, should you have any doubts.

3. Avoid the worst hours of sun

During the middle of the day (from around 11am to 3pm) are the hours with the greatest heat intensity and solar radiation: avoid being out in the sun so you don’t get burned or get a bout of heat stroke. If you can’t avoid it, remember point number 1.

4. “S’embat” a natural regulator of climate in Pollença

The sea breeze that blows in coastal areas is known in Mallorca as s’embat – it is the ideal temperature regulator: make the most of it and let it refresh you!

5. Local wisdom

Hand-held fans for when there’s no wind blowing, pitchers and flasks to keep the drinks cool, staying “a l’ombra” (in the shade), wearing baggy cotton clothing in the aldib style, white-washed houses… The people of Mallorca have been dealing with the drought and hot Mediterranean climate for a long time and have adapted to it marvellously.

Find holiday rental villas and enjoy climate in Pollensa during your holidays in Mallorca!


Summer holidays in Puerto Pollensa

Celebrating the good weather, celebrating good company, celebrating life. If you’re in Puerto de Pollensa during the summertime, there’s something to celebrate each and every day. But although there’s always something to celebrate that doesn’t mean that every day is an official holiday in Port de Pollença. When are the town’s summer holidays held and how are they best enjoyed?

At JS Properties we explain everything, where and when the summer holidays take place in Port de Pollença, Pollença, Cala Sant Vicenç and Alcudia:

Summer holidays in Puerto Pollensa

In the Port of Pollença two festivites are held during the summer: Sant Pere and the Mare de Déu del Carme, both very much related to the seafaring tradition of the dock, “Eu Moll”.

Saint Peter is the patron saint of fishermen and in the past he even came to be that of Puerto Pollensa. Around the 29th of June, this summer festival takes place, which for several days fills the old dock, Moll Vell with market stalls, traditional dances, habanera contradanzas and tributes to the marine tradition of Port de Pollença.

The Mare de Déu del Carme (16th of July) is the patron saint of Port de Pollença and for an entire week the “molleros” dock men celebrate it with a broad variety of acts, to which tourists and the curious are always welcome. Over the course of a week, fairs and festivities, concerts, sporting events and a long string of others, fill the town’s calendar. The final hallmark event takes place on Sunday with a correfoc “fire-run” through the village and fireworks on the beach.


Pollença, Cala Sant Vicenç & Alcudia

The summer festivities in Pollença are renowned around the island: on the 2nd of August the streets are filled with thousands of people revelling in the re-enactment of Moros y Cristianos. During the previous week, the Patrona of Pollença turns the town into a hotbed of daily concerts and festivals.

summer holidays pollença la patrona moors ans cristians

Several festivities take place in Alcudia throughout the summer and in Cala Sant Vicenç the celebration is on the 15th of August.


Alcudia: a modern city full of history

In Mallorca’s northern region, an in the bays of Pollença and Alcudia, we find a small city full of life, historical monuments and many things to discover. This is Alcudia, which along with its harbour stands as one of the most vibrant destinations in Mallorca, thanks to its Roman ruins, its historic walled town-centre, and its beach surrounded by hotels and attractions for tourists seeking a great time during their holidays.

·Pollentia: The Roman ruins of Pollentia embody the importance that the area had after the conquest of Mallorca by the romans in the year 123 bc.

·Walled quarter: The medieval city wall of Alcudia surrounds the city’s old town-centre, today yielding a marvellous ensemble of back-streets in which to stroll and shop in its numerous little shops, while also making the most of its weekly Sunday market.

·Playa de Alcudia: The area connecting Puerto de Alcudia and the Playas de Muro is the most modern of all: built in the 70s and 80s it is brimming with hotels, tourist attractions as well as pubs and discos in which to “really get your summer on”.

What to do in Alcudia?

The great appeal of Alcudia is that if you spend your summer holidays here, you’ll never have to ask yourself “so what do we I now?”, as you’ll always have something to do:

Playa de Alcudia is one of the largest in the región and is made up of an endless tract of sand with sunbeds, parasols, and a great amount of water sports companies.

The beach of Alcudia is shallow so it is perfect for families with children. Photo from platgesdebalears.com

In the area of Puerto de Alcudia you can find anything from minigolfs to a wakepark. Also, at night it becomes a party area.

Alcudia’s rich history means you have an enormous range of historical sites and monuments to visit. Besides also, a wide array of further cultural options.

It seems impossible that in a place so filled with things to do, one would have the option to relax, but that’s just how it is: in Alcudia there are many ideal places for switching off.

Would you like to visit Alcudia right now? Book one of JS Properties holiday rental villas in Alcudia!

Best plans in Puerto Pollensa

A summer vacation in Port de Pollensa is synonymous with living well and a perfect holiday but if you also add the following plans, it will become unforgettable.

Here you have 5 perfect plans to enjoy during your holiday in Puerto Pollensa

Visit Formentor: visit the paradise

The Formentor peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Pollença and Mallorca, and visiting it is always a pleasure. To get to Formentor, you can take the road or one of the boats that leave the dock, locally called “Muelle Nuevo” or “Moll Nou”.

plans in Puerto Pollensa: visit formentor
While going to Formentor by car, stop at La Creueta viewpoint and enjoy this incredible views!

Boat charters: choose between different plans!

If you’re left wanting after the trip to Formentor, you can also go on one of the many outings that explore the bay and its surroundings: from visits to the unspoilt cala inlets, to diving in underwater caves, there are many plans and available businesses in Puerto de Pollensa.

A day at Cala Sant Vicenç: take an adventure!

Cala Sant Vicenç is the perfect place for enjoying a day filled with adventure: renting a kayak and having a tour around the coves marvelling at the Serra de Tramuntana’s cliffs, doing some psycho-block on its coastline’s facings or jumping into the sea from the 7m jump at El Marassà.

Snorkeling: swim with fishes!

Cala Sant Vicenç is also the ideal spot to enjoy some snorkelling: with a pair of goggles, a tube and some flipper fins you’ll be able to revel in watching the sea-life that hides beneath its crystal-clear waters.

Market day: buy local products

Visiting the local market stalls is a pleasure even when not out shopping for anything. This is why we recommend that you visit them: market day in Port de Pollença is every Wednesday, while in Alcudia and Pollença it is on Sundays.

Visiting the Pollença’s market is one of the best plans for a Sunday morning!


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Which restaurant should I go in North Mallorca?

At JS Properties we know that “eating well” is one of those turn a simple vacation into an unforgettable holiday and to make it easier for you, here we recommend some of the best restaurants in which you can eat, across Mallorca’s northern region:


restaurant vilacuisines port pollença
Casa vila Di Mare is one the restaurants with best views in Port de Pollença.

The Vilacuisines group has 4 restaurants in Puerto de Pollença and besides all of them being delicious, each one has its own character: Marina Brasserie & Cocktails for enjoying a tasty fusion meal; Casa Vila Genuine Italian Cuisine for some authentic fresh pasta and home-made pizzas; Casa Vila Di Mare to have a drink with an incredible view of the bay and Tolo’s Grill Restaurant for lovers of cycling and grilled meats.

·Lake House Mallorca

restaurant Alcudia Lake House Mallorca
Fancy an afternoon at this lovely terrace?

Located in Alcudia by Lago Esperanza and Mallorca Wake Park, Lake House Mallorca is a Mexican fusion cuisine restaurant in which to relax and enjoy a delicious cocktail on its pleasant terrace.

·Formentor Store

restaurant Port Pollença Pine Walk
Formentor Store is at one of the most quiet places in Port de Polleça, close to the Pine Walk!

Besides being a little shop, the Formentor Store is a restaurant with a terrace where you may relax after a stroll on the Pine Walk in Port de Pollença.

On its menu you’ll find options ranging from grilled meats to brunches as well as snacks and tapas.

·La Fonda

restaurant pollença la fonda mallorca
La Fonda has a cozy terrace at Pollença old town.

Located near the Plaça Major in Pollença, La Fonda is an elegant restaurant, great for enjoying a delicious typical Mallorquin meal in the magical ambiance of Pollença’s old town centre.


¿Would you like to know other restaurants to go when in Pollença?

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Wine in Mallorca: enjoy it at the vineyards!

5 priceless experiences you must do in Mallorca!

Some things are free. Others are very expensive. And then there are the things of which the value can’t be measured with money. They’re priceless. For this reason we now bring you 5 things you should do during your holidays in Mallorca and which can’t be appraised in €

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

Being priceless does not mean something is free: it means it can't be measured monetarily. If you wan't to discover yo can do in Mallorca you must read: "5 things you should do in Mallorca for free".


So here you have 5 priceless things you must do in Mallorca:

1. Spending a day in an unspoilt virgin cala (and having it all to yourself!)

Prepare a rucksack with water, food, some sand-spades, sun-cream, a book and anything else you’d like, tie up your shoes and head toward your nearest beach.

This plan becomes invaluable if you choose a desolate and completely secluded beach on which you’ll probably be alone enjoying the views and tranquillity.

calo priceless beach in pollença
“U caló” is an unspoilt beach in Pollença you can have it all to youself!

2. Get out of your comfort zone and live a priceless adventure!

Going on holidays is often in its very essence, to venture out of one’s comfort zone. It means daring to enjoy new experiences. Getting to know new ways of living… and Mallorca is the ideal island for doing so.

In Mallorca you can live a new adventure every day: an excursion, practicing extreme sports, meeting people, discovering unexplored places… If I don’t do this on holidays, then when will I?

3. Dinner at the seaside!

Unless you decide to have a picnic on the beach this plan won’t be free but we have already said that the important part here is the value and not the price… And you’ll enjoy priceless views during your meal time!

You can go to Deià and enjoy the famous restaurant Ca’s Patró or if you’re in Puerto de Pollença we recommend the views from Restaurant La Llonja

4. Enjoy the Sunset! 100% priceless views

Some of the best places in Mallorca to enjoy the sunset include Sa Foradada (and Son Maroig) in Deià, the Formentor lighthouse and Sa Torre de ses Ànimes in Banyalbufar…

At Sa talaia d’Albercutx you can enjoy a priceless views…

5. Fall in love

You can fall in love with Mallorca, with a Mallorcan, with a song, with a place or with rediscovery of yourself, whichever you feel like!

The important (and priceless) part, is to feel the butterflies in your stomach during your holidays…