Un helado mientras paseas: ¡una de esas "pequeñas cosas" deliciosa!

Pollença: a town full of “little things”

In “The little things” – that summer tv commercial by Estrella Damm – Laia Costa showed a bearish Jean Reno how to enjoy the little things in life: a boat outing with a pic-nic, a paella (and some beers) with friends… The brewery’s spot is an ode to the Mediterranean way of life that may be enjoyed all year around in Mallorca and woos visitors with those “little things”.

Enjoy the little things in life, in Pollença

Well then, what exactly are, the little things that will ensure you enjoy your next your next visit to Pollença even more?

Little things like an ice cream
An ice-cream while you’re walking a delicious “little thing”!
  • Enjoy a pic-nic: in the Llenaire area of Puerto Pollença you’ll find an area for pic-nicking located right by the beach and in the shade of the pines… The ideal place to enjoy a meal out in the open! If you don’t feel like cooking remember that many restaurants offer paella for take-away 😉

                                • Ride all over!: We’re not referring to a cycling getaway to Pollença, but are recommending a bike rental during your stay here so you can get around in the most convenient manner… You’ll instantly find that everything moves at quite a different pace!

Bycicles Mallorca Alcudia Sea Beach    

  • Revel in it all, like a child does: Holidays are the ideal time to leave your shame at home and really enjoy life! Make the most of all the opportunities you have to enjoy the little things…



  Live dance performance in Pollença, Mallorca (October 16, 2016)   Un vídeo publicado por Carl Setterlund (@carlsetterlund) el

  • Explore and try out everything you can: You can tie up bootlaces nice and tight and go on hiking trips around Pollença’s landscapes or can book one of the many boat outings offered in the bay.